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женский female, feminine (short forms avoided, no comparitive)
женщина woman
жест gesture
живой living, alive, lively, living person
живописный picturesque
живопись painting (either the process, art, or paintings collectively)
живот stomach, belly
животное animal
жидкий liquid, fluid, weak, thin
жизнь (f) life
жилец lodger, tenant
жилица lodger, tenant
жилой residential, habitable (short forms avoided)
житель resident
жительница resident
журнал journal, magazine
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государство state, nation
готовый ready
градус degree
градусник thermometer
гражданин citizen
гражданка citizen
гражданство citizenship
грамм gram
грамматика grammar, grammar book
грамматический grammatical (short forms avoided, no compar.)
грамотный literate, grammatically correct, literate person
граница border, boundary
грейпфрут grapefruit
грек Greek
гренок toasted bread (end-stressed, o is a fill vowel)
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I'm currently working through 5000 Russian Words, put out by Slavica, in order to refresh my vocabulary.

This dictionary lists (almost) all of the inflectional forms of its words. This isn't necessary for regularly inflected words, but it's useful when it comes to irregularities that are overlooked in regular English-Russian dictionaries--like which words have a partitive.

морж walrus
мороженое ice cream
мороз cold, freezing weather, freezing temperature (takes partitive –у)
моряк sailor
Москва Moscow
москвич Muscovite
москвичка Muscovite
московичий Moscow, Muscovite (short forms avoided, no comparative)
мост bridge (end-stressed)
мотор motor, engine
мотоцикл motorcycle
муж husband, man (archaic/poetic)
мужество courage
мужской masculine, male


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